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Data catalogues

51 www_guenes_netBad structured datasets. No metadata.(not set)Spain
52 www_sabadell_cat(not set)Spain
53 www_seg-social_es(not set)(not set)Spain
54 www_sevilla_orgBad catalogue structure.Many levels in order to reach datasets.(not set)Spain
55 www_territoriodecantabria_es(not set)(not set)Spain
56 www_tmb_catCannot locate datasets.(not set)Spain
57 www_valladolid_esOnly resources. No metadata.(not set)Spain
58 sede_ciemat_gob_es(not set)Spain
59 sede_mjusticia_gob_esCannot locate datasets.(not set)Spain
60 sede_puertodemelilla_gob_es(not set)(not set)Spain