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Data catalogues

1 www_statice_is(not set)(not set)Iceland
2 opendatacommunities_org(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
3 data_opensheffield_org(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
4 www_belfastcity_gov_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
5 sotoncitydata_orgThis catalogue contains only 15 incomplete dataset at the moment of investigation. And it does not seem to be maintained. (not set)United Kingdom
6 www_data_gov_cy(not set)(not set)Cyprus
7 data_leicester_gov_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
8 data_n-somerset_gov_uk(not set)(not set)United Kingdom
9 en_ilmatieteenlaitos_fi(not set)(not set)Finland
10 www_maanmittauslaitos_fi(not set)(not set)Finland